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The Nations of Airev by Fapor
The Nations of Airev
My entry for the october 2015 challenge at
An Alternate Cold War - The Pacific Scenario by Fapor
An Alternate Cold War - The Pacific Scenario
My entry for the september challenge at

An introduction I made for the challenge:
"This map could be seen like a prequel of my map “The War for Australia”.
Same Universe, some years before the break of the war, this is the depiction of the North American, West Coast, balance of power during the “Cold War Proper” at the Californian-Canadian-Texan border.
In this universe, a third way to socialism has spread all over the world; a somewhat more democratic way to socialism-communism than in our timeline; but still socialist countries are not fully democratic, with strong control of the State over the press and political Parties and Unions are allowed only if they match the dominant ideology. Capitalism in this timeline is, if it’s ever possible, more militaristic and authoritarian than in our timeline. Capitalistic countries are much more oligarchies than democracies, and free press and parliamentary activities are heavily conditioned by dominant industrial cartels.
So we have a globally less democratic, more militaristic world, in a somewhat more dystopian universe than ours.
Of course there are differences amongst countries sharing the same ideology, but more or less all countries tend to stick with the ones with the same principles; so in this timeline, the world is divided more or less in two blocs, a socialist block vs a capitalist bloc, and there are some non aligned countries: few true democracies, and some really awful totalitarian countries.
Historians consider the period depicted in the map the “cold war proper” because some of them consider the cold war finished after the australian conflict; some other historians, considering the australian conflict only a regional one (even with some direct or indirect intervention from some power from all over the world) are more prone to consider the Cold War finished only in the eighties, when a much more global conflict erupted, causing considerable worldwide destruction and misery.

So the map: Texas and Canada are on the Capitalistic side, while California is socialist.
Tensions are rising, but California, not directly taking part in the Australian conflict, will preserve peace in north America at least until the eighties.
Aztlan (Mexico in this timeline) is neutral, but weary of both blocs."
The War for Australia by Fapor
The War for Australia
My entry (with just a simple border added) for the February 2015 Challenge at the Cartographer's Guild.
It's my first alternate history Map, more of an experiment in map making that a real world building creation; so I haven't thought about a plausible point of divergence or about a world timeline.
I just had in mind a far worse world than ours, where capitalist nations are mostly much more authoritarian and militaristic (if ever possible) than in our timeline, and where a kind of third way to socialism, independent from the Soviet Union, has taken hold in much of the world.


Fabio Portelli


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